Hi Folks,

I have been working on MS SQL solutions (SQL, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS and PowerBI) for past 5+ years. I am a fan of MS SQL SERVER and enjoy knowing the internals. During the start of my career, Statistic was the first thing in SQL Server, which blown me and made me go anxious about SQL Server and how it works.

Through this blog, I will try to share whatever I know, daily challenges or any latest development i have been enrolled in. Sometimes i may be incorrect 😛 but I am sure as I proceeds with my writing, we all together can make a platform to help people understand SQL SERVER and products.

Through this i am also giving myself an opportunity to learn more about SQL Server. Also, an opportunity to let the organisations know about my expertise and obviously hire me on a healthy money. 🙂

Thank You.

Lokesh Lehkara